The idea is to place high level musicians in the streets Ljubljana to create a unified and enjoyable soundscape for the city. In order to achieve that, we will organise six simultaneous concerts, three times per day, for three consecutive days, at the following locations in Ljubljana: Špica, Breg, Šuštarski most, Mestni trg, Prešernov trg, Tivoli.

The concerts will take place at 11.15, 13.45, 16.15 on the 23rd, 24th and 25th of September 2016.  This will be a series of mainly acoustic, low volume concerts, that will nonetheless cover quite a lot of space, soundwise, because of the silent background and the use of existing speaker infrastructure in Ljubljana.

We will also organise one guided tour of the city each day, passing by these locations.


Come visit and take a look!