This is a collection of information about artists that are going to perform at the Festival and is updated regularly!

Kar Češ Brass Band


The band is present on our scene for more than 15 years and is known as the first brass band in Slovenia, which almost exclusively plays a street jazz style of New Orleans.

They performed at numerous international festivals, such as Umbria Jazz Balkanic Windows in Belgrade, Jazzfest Gronau (Germany), Festival Femuka (Spain), Haizetara Festival (Spain), Saalfelden (Austria), Mikser Festival (Serbia), Jazz Cerkno (Slovenia) and more.


An inspiration for the music mostly comes from the streets of New Orleans as well as from distilled products from domestic fruits.











Zoran Škrinjar and friends - Amadeus blues


Zoran Škrinjar is topmost classical and jazz pianist who has been present on the musical scene for more than 25 years.

Zoran has a rich background in performing at promotional concerts at the Ljubljana Jazz Festival, he made an appearance at the Festival Lent in 2001, regularly participated on seminars and jam sessions at international jazz festivals in Perugia, Genova, Parnu, Klagenfurt, Zagreb, Grožnjan, Ljubljana, Maribor and in 2003 he was awarded first prize by the expert committee at the first Slovene international composer's competition Jazzon for his work The magic voice of Miss Mysterious.

On the street music festival Zoran will present his own music in a jazz trio with bassist Nikola Matošić and drummer Jože Cesar.










The band plays different genres of Cuban music such as son montuno, guajira, bolero, chang, conga ...

Two percussionists and a guitar player will reproduce and interpret the Cuban musical tradition with polyphonic singing and interesting vocal arrangement.


Leo Salazar - guitar, vocals

Jure Čehovin - maracas / güiro, vocals


Andrej Tomazin -Bongos, vocals


Ta Sãund


Playing on traditional instruments - cavaquinho, pandeiro and rebolo the band try to transmit the original Brazilian music tradition into our region. Interpretation tries to follow genres like partido alto, samba pagode, samba de roda, samba enredo, xote, Baião ijexá and sambalanço.


Andrej Tomazin - cavaquinho, guitar

Miha Friedrich - pandeiro, percussion


Jure Čehovin - Rebolo







Polna Luna 


Jazz, blues and Rock with the full moon flavour


VOCAL – Maja Obolnar

GUITAR- Miha Medvešek

BASS GUITAR- Jakob Grčman

DRUMS - Max Marn

SAX – Lan Timotej Turek














Zoran Mosić



Zoran Mosić is saxophone player from Ljubljana with a large list of music collaborations in the city as well as abroad. He also performs individually and is probably the one who knows city's acoustic environment in detail; therefore a visit of the concert is a must if you like to hear a beauty of the instrument in the natural surroundings.